Snoop Dogg Suing Pabst Brewing Co. For A Cut Of Its Profits From Selling Colt 45


(amcdaniel83) (amcdaniel83) Companies love it when celebrities sign on to endorse their products, but you better believe those famous faces want to protect their paycheck when push comes to shove. That’s why Snoop Dogg is taking Pabst Brewing Company to court over the sale of the beer company’s Colt 45 line, claiming he’s owed a portion of the proceeds from that sale.

Snoop Dogg signed a three-year agreement in 2011 to shill for Colt 45’s fruit-flavored beer called Blast by Colt 45, reports the Associated Press, a deal that the breach-of-contract lawsuit says entitled him to a portion of the sale price if Pabst sold Colt 45 before January 2016.

Cut to November 2014, and Pabst announced it was being bought by an investment firm, with reports pegging the total sale price at $700 million or so.

His lawsuit is now seeking 10% of the net sales price…

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